Wednesday, December 10, 2014

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

One of my favorite Christmas memories is going with my family to the tree lot to pick out our Christmas tree. We would search for what seemed hours, which was probably about 30 minutes. We would find the perfect one, bring it home and decorate it. It was magic ya'll. Or maybe it was just magic because I was five and everything at Christmas when your five is magic.

In the last few years we have decided to make it a family tradition to go into the mountains and cut our own tree. Next to Christmas day, it is my favorite thing to do. We start out at my mom and dad's house and have an amazing breakfast. This year I made my breakfast casserole and she made some delicious pumpkin muffins. It just occurred to me that I need the recipe and then I need to share it with all of you. Soon. They were amazing. 

Stuffed to the gills, off we go. 

Chloe, my parents adorable dog always goes with us, she loves the adventure. For the first five minutes, then she doesn't love it anymore and we have to carry her. 

But look at that face. It's worth it. 
This year we found a frozen pond, I was so excited. Then I was mad. Mad because we decided not to take our Christmas pictures up here. Dang it. Next year. 

J would like me to clarify that he did not fall. He was playing. He actually did this on purpose. I do not know why. He is a boy and boys are weird. 

Back to searching...

We usually cut down 5-6 trees. I know. It's a lot. The men are good sports. Being that they have to carry the trees out. 

My brother's tree, that will later be covered with "redneck" ornaments, horns, shotgun shells...ect. He takes great pride in his tree and is so creative. I can't wait to see what he comes up with this year. 

My man cutting down our tree. Swoon. 

Chuck cutting down their mammoth tree. I can not wait to see what my mom does with it. She has a gift. Eek, I can't wait until Christmas! 

Keeping Chloe warm. Priorities. 

Send me a little love note with your Christmas tree traditions! 



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