Monday, October 13, 2014

when dreams turn into idols

This is a post that has been a long time coming. It's long, and it's personal. But I need to say it, so bear with me. 

 For the last two years, Josh and I have been trying to move to Texas. To understand the magnitude of this, you have to understand a little bit about me first. I was born and raised in Colorado. I have never lived anywhere else. My family is here, our friends are here, this is my home. I have never had a desire to move and have always said that God would have to specifically call me to another place for me to move away. Well, that happened. Two years ago I was standing in the church I grew up in, was married in and planned to stay in, when I saw Josh and I living in Amarillo. I am very visual and I believe God shows me things so that I pay attention. I was hoping it was just something I ate, so I made a little deal with God. I told Him the only way I would move, and the way I would know it was really Him, was if He changed my heart to the point that I had no desire to live here anymore. It took a week. I told Josh and we began praying about it. We decided that is where God called us to be and so the journey began. There is an amazing church in Amarillo that we stay very connected with when we visit and we consistently listen to their podcasts. This place became home to us. The company my husband works for is also in Amarillo and so he began trying to transfer. It proved to be harder than we would ever have thought. Every door shut. Every job he applied for was filled. In June of this year, he applied for the position that he currently has. He went through all of the interviews and did well. We prepared to move. I went through all of our stuff, put it in a garage sale. We were ready.

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