Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hi everyone! Whew, it has been a while! I have been a busy girl, lots of projects getting done before football. J's first game is next Friday (yay!) and there are some things I really wanted to get done before the season gets started. I have cleaned our entire house top to bottom. We're talking blinds, baseboards, windows, carpet (still need to do that, yuck), cabinets. You know, the works. Organizing has taken place. It's a good thing. I re-did my grandmama's hutch, and I love it! If you are interested in chalk paint, I have the greatest recipe for you! (Post coming soon) No need to buy the expensive pre-made stuff.  

I made a fun gift for my best friend that lives in Branson. And I made a delicious pecan pie for some sweet people that just bought a beautiful house. In the middle of all of that we had the 3rd annual football potluck. I told you I was busy! I hope you have been well. Be looking for some posts on decorating for fall and football entertaining- two of my favorite things. 

Much love to you all!


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  1. Ooh homemade chalk paint! I made some, too, using latex paint and Patch & Paint Compound! Can't wait to see!